Throughout my time as a photographer, I have been a part of numerous internal and external projects ranging from asset management, customer service and client relations,  and content creation. The position requires me to act as a student supervisor to nine students and scheduling them on various photo and video assignments. 
Berry College Digital Asset Management System
In the summer of 2019, I was tasked with being a part of the team that built a new digital asset management (DAM) system for the entire college using the online DAM service, Bynder. I worked directly with the company as well as the Director of Photography and Video to build the database from the ground up. This included aspects like developing upload processes for each type of content as well as the over 100 filtering options for finding assets. I was also tasked with building out these features in the backend of the system and working with Bynder to ensure that it was done in a way that would be easy to maintain. Finally, I am in charge of managing the 200+ users, over 8,000+ assets, as well as approving new users for the database. I serve as the primary contact for any issues users may have with the system.
ROLEX 24 at Daytona 

As a freelance photographer I covered the ROLEX 24 at Daytona, producing content on track and in the pits throughout the race. This encompassed  full coverage of the race from all angles and generating a variety of content for distribution all throughout the race.
Berry College COVID-19 Response
Tasked with ideating and coordinating photos to illustrate the college's response to the pandemic. Included photos of new sanitation protocols, testing, vaccinations, and images to promote mask wearing. 

Berry College Athletics Rebrand
Was in charge of scheduling and shooting photos for large prints to reinvent existing athletics buildings. Scheduled and shot a variety of images from live events as well as controlled studio images.

Berry College Graduation 2020
Organized and conducted the college's photo coverage of graduation during the pandemic. This required working with other college departments to create a shooting plan for the unprecedented event. Scheduled other photographers and ensured the photo team was prepared for the event.
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